Sessions and Fees


Our fees are £5.50 per hour payable on a termly basis, payment can be made weekly, monthly or in two payments. (please note fees are still due if your child is away on holiday during term time)

Your child will be eligible for Government funding for up to 15 hours from the term after their 3rd birthday, this offer can be extended to 30 hours if you meet the criteria. Little Trees is approved to accept  2 year old funding. If you experience any difficulties in paying your fees please come and speak to the manager Vicky Oliver.

Session Times




Term Dates

          Autumn Term                                             Half Term Holidays                                     

      3rd Sept - 16th Dec 2020                                         26th Oct - 30th Oct 2020   

         Spring Term                                                 15th Feb - 19th Feb 2021

       4th Jan - 2nd April 2021                                          31st May - 4th June 2021

          Summer Term                                              Easter - 5th April - 16th April                                 19th April - 23rd July 2021                                   


We offer morning, afternoon or all day sessions, our morning session times are:-

Monday 9.00 - 12.00

Tuesday 9.00 - 12.00

Wednesday 9.00 - 12.00

Thursday 9.00 - 12.00

Friday 9.00 - 12.00

If you would like your child to stay for lunch club, pick up time will be at 1.00pm (please provide a lunch box, no booking needed)


Afternoon sessions are as follows:-

Monday 12.30 - 3.00pm

Tuesday 12.30 - 3.00pm

Wednesday 12.30 - 3.00pm

Thursday 12.30 - 3.00pm

Friday 12.30 - 3.00pm


All day sessions are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday & Friday 9.00am -

We are open 38 weeks of the year but from September 2019 we will be offering our stretched offer over 43 weeks of the year. We will remain open in the October and February half term and for 3 weeks in the summer holiday.  For those dates we also offer a holiday club facility.