We follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum which has 7 areas of learning split into two groups, The Prime and Specific areas.  We focus on the 3 prime areas which are:-

Communication and Language

Physical development

Personal Social and emotional development

With these prime areas in place, the children are then able to move onto the specific areas of learning which are:



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design

​We recognise every child is different and will learn in different ways, if we feel a child is not developing in their prime areas of learning we will discuss with you about strategies to support your child including involving outside agencies.  We offer a variety of targeted groups that support children with their communication, listening and attention skills, it also supports their confidence and social interaction.  


Language Box

Small group sessions involving nursery rhymes and repetition, visual resources that support turn taking and making choices.

Early Talk Boost 

A scheme that support listening and attention, social interaction and confidence, It's an 8 week scheme where the children get together daily to meet Tizzy the Tiger, we share books and activities and the books go home with the children so the parents can be involved as well. 

Nurture group

In our Ladybird room we have a small cosy area where it is quiet, the children can go to calm themselves and self-regulate, we have a small sensory tent also.